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Hemp yarn

Hemp yarn Ne21/1


30%hemp 70%organic cotton



Spun type 





natural eaco-friendly clothes...


Antibacterial, natural, breathable,excellent moisture


one carton of 30kgs





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50%payment in advance and balance to be paid after production and inspection finished before shipment.


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Organic, Eco-friendly 

Hemp yarn fabrics are with the characters:

1) The natural antibacterial health care function.

2) Excellent moisture absorption and Ventilation.

3) Good soft and comfortable feel.

4) The excellent anti ultraviolet radiation.

5) Excellent antistatic performance.

6) Outstanding heat resistance,light fashness and corrosion resistance.

7) Unique silencing wave and sound absorption,smell and poision gas adsorption.

8) Green enviroment ental protection.

(1) The natural antibacterial health care function. 
Hemp yarn are with cannabinoid substances to kill and inhibit bacteria, so hemp yarn has anti mycophenolate bacteriostasis, have significant effect to the Staphylococcus aureus, Pseudomonas aeruginosa, Escherichia coli, Candida albicans. hemp yarn and its products with function of antibacteria, antimold, anti odor, anti-corrosive...
According to America AATCC90-1982 qualitative and bacteriostasis method test results: the pure hemp fabrics have have different antimicrobial effects to Staphylococcus aureus, Pseudomonas aeruginosa, Escherichia coli, Candida albicans have different antimicrobial effects, especialy for Escherichia coli effect is the best. 
Cannabis crops at planting and growth process is hardly applied where chemical pesticides, hemp yarn also contains more than ten kinds of chemicals, which are very beneficial to human body health and trace elements.Hemp plants also contains Cu, Zn, and so on the many kinds of antibacterial metallic elements. When the antibacterial metallic elements meet the bacteria, will destroy the cell wall or into the bacteria and damage the conductive tissue to achieve antibacterial effect. 
In normal conditions, cells lumen of hemp fiber is more larger. With the amount of oxygen the anaerobic bacteria can't survive more.

(2) Excellent moisture absorption and Ventilation. 
The hemp fiber longitudinal splitting and showed many cracks and holes, it is communicated with the cavity through the capillaries,such structure makes the hemp yarn has excellent moisture permeability. capillary effect of hemp yarn wicking performance is very good, it has good sound absorption property and air permeability, hemp clothing compared with cotton fabrics can make the body feeling temperature 5℃ lower and has good heat resistance, can withstand the high temperature of 370 ℃ test. Therefore, hemp textiles can be used for clothing, but also can be used for indoor decoration, can reduce the noise.
Hemp yarn itself containing polar large number of hydrophilic groups, and the hemp yarn absorption is very good.

(3) Good soft and comfortable feel. 
Hemp textiles is very soft and comfortable and without other natural fiber products problem of feeling stiff ,prickle and itching , It is more suitable used for clothes and home textiles products. 
Hemp yarn is one of the most soft natural fibers, fineness is only 1/3 of ramie, equivalent with the cotton fiber, fiber tip is blunt round. 
Hemp fiber single fiber length 15---25 mm, fineness of 15 - 30microns, the proportion of 1:48. molecular structure, longitudinal arranged closely. The crystallinity and orientation degree is high.

(4) The excellent anti ultraviolet radiation. 
The cross section of hemp yarn are very complex, which has excellent UV protection function.
The cross section of hemp yarn is a triangle, quadrangle, Pentagon, six side Shape, oblate, waist circle, and external cavity shape is different with the cross section shape ; Analysis of the molecular structure of hemp fiber, there is a spiral line in the molecular structure, multi edge shape, loose. When the light into the fiber, part of multilayer refractive absorbed and most of diffuse reflection, the hemp fabric looks gloss and soft. 
Research by the China Institute of physics research shows that ordinary hemp fabric, no special arrangement, can shield more than 95% of the UV , hemp canvas can l00% block UV radiation , the hemp fabric with excellent UV protection function.

(5) Excellent antistatic performance. 
Hemp yarn are with stable molecular structure, high molecular arrangement of orientation degree, so electrostatic capacity is extremely low. It is good a protection for the health of body. Hemp textiles can avoid the electrostatic accumulation harm to human bodies also will avoid pilling and dust caused by static electricity .
Compared with the cotton, chemical fiber, the static electricity by friction is lowest in the air . Its anti static ability higher around 30% than the cotton fiber, is a good insulating material.
Dry hemp is a poor conductor of electricity, the anti breakdown ability than the cotton fiber high around 30%, is a good insulating material. Under normal circumstances, due to the hygroscopic properties of hemp fibers are particularly good, exposed the hemp textiles in the air , the moisture content is l0% to 12% , when the relative humidity in the air to reach 95%, hemp fiber up to 30% , but do not feel damp.
so the hemp textiles can avoid electrostatic aggregation, pilling and absorbing dust during friction . Therefore, hemp clothing to avoid harm to the human body caused by static electricity, such as skin allergies, skin rash, acanthesthesia etc.

(6) Outstanding heat resistance , light fastness and corrosion resistance.
Therefore, hemp textiles is especially suitable for making special need sunscreen clothing and various work clothes, also can be used as a sun umbrella, camping tent, the special needs of fishing nets, ropes, car cushion, and all kinds of work clothing and upholstery fabrics etc..
The decomposition temperature for cellulose,hemicellulose, lignin of hemp fiber is 
300 ~ 400 ℃. Hemp fiber not loss weight and unchanged color in high temperature of 300 ℃. It is the hemp fiber with excellent performance of heat resistance and light fastness .
Good color fastness. Good Seawater corrosion resistant performance, strong and durable.

(7) Unique silencing wave and sound absorption, smell and poison gas adsorption. 
So the hemp yarn is widely used for hemp carpet, hemp wall cloth, hemp curtain... it is the true sense function of air purification and provide a reliable guarantee for the fresh air. 
Due to the hemp yarn with complexity of the cross section , longitudinal structure ,special physical and chemical properties . Hemp fiber with good muffler and wave absorbing performance.
According to the authoritative department certification, hemp fabric has a strong adsorption for formaldehyde,benzene, polycyclic aromatic hydrocarbons,
volatile organic compounds and aldehyde compounds.

(8) Green environmental protection. 
Hemp growth process rarely have plant diseases and insect pests. Also without chemical fertilizers and pesticides.
Experience from the daily live. the hemp cloth can make the preservation period doubling. 
Wear hemp shoes can effectively avoid beriberi and foot odor.
The hemp rope is the best material for food packing.

Hemp orgnaic cotton yarns are semi-bleached white.



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